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The working principle and classification of rapier loom
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Looms are becoming more and more widespread in people's lives, and the rapier loom is a kind of shuttleless machine. Due to the good adaptability and low price of rapier loom accessories, it has always been in the leading position. It is widely used in yarn-dyed, silk, woolen and other industries, and is the most versatile loom. Next is the working principle of rapier loom accessories

1. Working principle

The weft selection signal device of rapier loom accessories sends out instruction signals according to the weft color cycle designed by the process to complete the weft mixing work through the weft selection rod. The technology of the weft selection device uses computer technology to select wefts and control commands through the computer, thereby improving the efficiency of weft selection and improving the quality of spinning.

2. Classification of rapier looms

Rapier looms are divided into single rapier looms and double rapier looms according to the number of rapiers. The single rapier guides the weft from one side of the shed to the other, and is used in a modified narrow loom. Due to the simple structure of the accessories of single rapier looms, they cannot be widely used, so they are rarely used. The double rapier is coordinated by the rapiers located on both sides of the shed, so that the width of the loom can be improved, and it is often used.

Rapier loom accessories are only one type of looms. For other looms, specific analysis is needed for specific conditions, and different looms are selected using different processes. Thereby improving production efficiency and economic benefits.

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