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Matters needing attention on rapier loom
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1. Reed weft scissors

1mm~2mm, this datum should be set, larger than this distance will affect the weft yarn into the scissors, resulting in weft break, and waste weft less than this distance, the reed and the scissors will collide, in addition, the steel leather strip under the reed should be well padded.

2. It is best to tighten the screw to the end by one person. If two people are tightened, they must be separated from the center and tightened to both sides at the same time.

3. The knot should be tied by one person on the machine, and the warp tension should be even and broken.

4. Check the teeth of the warp beam and be sure to tighten the screws.

5. The menopause film should not be messed up and must be flexible.

6. After weaving a piece of cloth, cut off the knots of the warp yarn and let it pass the cloth guide smoothly.

7. Check the tension of the waste edge yarn and the tension of the skein yarn.

8. When using the machine, adjust the winding weft density and check whether the winding support is too slippery.

9. Check the fabric surface every time you weave a metre of cloth. Do not allow the bad cloth to be woven. At the same time, you can find out the length of the waste yarn, the length of the burr and whether the hem is good.

get on the plane again after getting off the plane

1. Getting on the machine after the machine is actually a maintenance, the first thing to do is

Do a good job of cleaning the whole machine, refuel all main parts of the whole machine,

Especially the places that cannot be added at work. Also check the whole machine

The tightness of the screws, check whether some specifications are

Whether the gap has changed.

2. When changing the variety, it should be worn according to different

Reed width adjust the position of the temple and the time of entering and exiting the sword, especially

Pay attention to the timing of opening and entering and exiting the sword.

3. Take type 180 as an example. When the reed width is 1700mm, the weft scissors should be placed on the third gear of the track piece, and when the reed width is 1600mm, the scissors should be placed on the fourth and fifth gears of the track piece. When the reed width is about 1500mm, the scissors should be placed on the sixth gear of the track piece

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